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Global Domes are a frame-less structure consisting of aerospace composite panels. With the strength of a standard building, but the mobility of a tent, a Global Dome can be assembled by two people in less than three hours with nothing more than a screwdriver, wrench and step ladder. The Global Dome can easily be carried on a tray-top or box trailer.

By incorporating Global NRG’s renewable energy technologies, it can be powered from a Global NRG energy storage unit, using solar power to recharge it and to run the AC/DC air conditioning and heating. NRG Anaerobic digesters can be used to turn the waste stream into biogas and fertilizer.

Able to withstand snow, ice and cyclone and hurricane winds, the Global Dome has no match.

Available in a variety of colors, Global Dome structures can be applied to multiple applications to provide quick and inexpensive solutions for either short term or long term requirements.

Global Domes can be supplied in kit form or be on-site erected by our qualified contractors.

Dome Dimensions:

Diameter 20’ (6.096m) Height at centre 12’ (3.57) floor area 314 ft² ( 29m²) Door opening 3’ (.914m) X 6’ (1.828m) Windows 3’ X 3’ (.914m X .914m)  Weight 1,100lbs (495kgs) 

Basic Kit:

The basic kit consists of:  All the fiberglass panels to makeup the dome; the stainless steel, nuts, bolts and washers; two (2) windows. one (1) door with security lock; LED light strip, socket spanner, sealer and instruction manual.

Extra doors, windows, blank panels, insulation and extras can be quoted  (use the quote form at the top). Our domes are designed to be joined together using blank door panels to form multiple dome structures.